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Recovering Licenses after Redeployment


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Recovering Licenses after Redeployment

When a Virtual CipherTrust Manager is restored from a snapshot, it does not need new licenses. When a Virtual CipherTrust Manager is completely redeployed, new licenses must be generated. This generation takes place with assistance from the Thales Customer Support team until a self-service revocation process has been established.

License Recovery for Standalone Appliances

The redeployed CipherTrust Manager is a standalone appliance. In this case, both the Key Manager Lock Code and Connector Lock Code are changed on the new redeployed CipherTrust Manager Virtual appliance. The old activated CipherTrust Manager and Connector licenses on the previous appliance cannot be used on the redeployed appliance. Thales Customer Support can assist to revoke the old licenses and you can then generate new licenses for the new virtual appliance and its Connectors.

License Recovery for Clustered Appliances

The redeployed CipherTrust Manager is part of a cluster. In this case, only the Key Manager Lock Code is changed and the Connector Lock Code stays the same as all other nodes in the cluster. Thales Customer Support can revoke the CipherTrust Manager license, and then you can generate a new one for the new Key Manager Lock Code. Connector licenses are applied to the redeployed CipherTrust Manager through the cluster.