Installing PEDserver and Setting Up the Remote Luna PED

The PEDserver software, installed on the Remote PED host workstation, allows the USB-connected Luna PED to communicate with remotely-located HSMs. The Remote PED administrator can install PEDserver using the Luna HSM Client installer. You require:

>Network-connected workstation with compatible operating system (refer to the release notes)

>Luna HSM Client installer

>Luna PED with Luna PED Firmware 2.7.1 or newer

>USB mini-B to USB-A connector cable

>Luna PED DC power supply if required by your Luna PED hardware

NOTE   To set up a Remote PED Server on Linux, you require Luna HSM Client 10.1.0 or newer.

To install PEDserver and the PED driver, and set up the Luna PED

1.Run the Luna HSM Client installer and follow the on-screen instructions, as detailed in Luna HSM Client Software Installation, and select the Luna Remote PED option. Any additional installation choices are optional, for the purpose of this procedure.

2.On Windows, if you are prompted to install the driver, accept the installation.

3.On Windows, reboot the computer to ensure that the Luna PED driver is accepted by Windows. This step is not required for Linux or Windows Server operating systems.

4.Connect the Luna PED to a USB port on the host system using the supplied USB mini-B to USB-A connector cable.

Luna PED with Luna PED Firmware 2.8.0 and above is powered via the USB connection. If you are using a Luna PED with Luna PED Firmware 2.7.1, connect it to power using the Luna PED DC power supply.

As soon as the PED receives power, it performs start-up and self-test routines (for PED v2.8 and later, the PED driver must be installed on the connected computer, or the display remains blank). It verifies the connection type and automatically switches to the appropriate operation mode when it receives the first command from the HSM.

To manually set the operation mode to Remote PED, see Changing Modes.

5.On Windows, open the Windows Device Manager to confirm that the Luna PED is recognized as PED2. If it appears as an unrecognized USB device:

a.Disconnect the Luna PED from the host USB port.

b.Reboot the computer to ensure that the Luna PED driver is accepted by Windows.

c.Reconnect the Luna PED.

To continue setting up a Remote PED connection, see Opening a Remote PED Connection.