Thales Luna PCIe HSM 7
Luna HSM Client

Product Documentation

You are viewing the latest version of the Luna PCIe HSM 7 documentation, which covers all released Luna PCIe HSM 7 and Luna HSM Client 7.x/10.x components,and is updated frequently with the latest corrections and improvements. Older versions, including Luna 6 documentation, are available in the Luna PCIe HSM Documentation Archive above.

Customer Release Notes

The Customer Release Notes (CRN) provide release-specific details of capabilities, limitations, and known issues. The CRN is organized by component for the convenience of customers using any released version. The latest component releases are listed below:

Component Version Release Date
Luna HSM Firmware 7.8.7 April 2024
Luna HSM Client 10.7.1 April 2024
Luna Backup HSM 7 Firmware 7.7.2 August 2022
Luna Backup HSM G5 Firmware 6.28.0 October 2020
Luna PED Firmware 2.9.0 (USB-powered) October 2020
Luna PED Firmware 2.7.4 (adapter-powered) October 2020

Product Documentation

The Luna PCIe HSM 7 documentation is provided in HTML and PDF formats.

Product Overview Describes what an HSM is, and its major use cases. Provides an overview of the Luna HSM product line, and describes its key features and benefits, focusing on key differentiators.
Compliance Guide Provides guidance on configuring your Luna PCIe HSM 7 to comply with international standards such as FIPS and eIDAS.
Installation, Configuration, and Administration
Installing and Configuring Your New Luna PCIe HSM 7   The links on this page provide a basic walkthrough of the procedures required to install, set up, and configure your new Luna PCIe HSM 7.
HSM Administration Guide

Describes how to install your Luna PCIe HSM 7 adapter in a host workstation, install the Luna HSM Client software, and configure the HSM for use with your cryptographic applications.

Partition Administration Guide Describes how to install Luna HSM Client and configure an application partition on the HSM to create and store your cryptographic objects and perform cryptographic operations.
Tools and Utilities
LunaCM Command Reference Describes how to access and use the LunaCM command line tool and provides detailed syntax descriptions for each available command.
Utilities Reference Describes the various utilities included with the Luna HSM Client software.
Application Integration
SDK Reference Describes how to use the Luna HSM SDK to integrate your applications with a Luna HSM.
Functionality Module (FM) Development and Deployment
FM SDK Programming Guide Describes how to write, test, install, and use functionality modules to provide custom functions on a Luna HSM.