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Getting Started

CipherTrust Manager Deployment


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CipherTrust Manager Deployment

The CipherTrust Manager server can be deployed in a number of cloud based environments as well as in a physical appliance.

Product references

CipherTrust Manager - refers to all platforms running the CipherTrust Manager software.

Virtual CipherTrust Manager k170v and Virtual CipherTrust Manager k470v (or simply k170v and k470v) - refer specifically to virtual and private cloud instances running the CipherTrust Manager Software.

  • k170v is intended for simplified and centralized key management. For example, k170v is suited to lab environments, low transaction encryption use cases, and storage encryption key management with KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol). k170v allows for the usage of four CPUs or fewer. k170v is applied as a license.

  • k470v is intended to support high transaction-per-second encryption operations as is typically required from the CipherTrust Data Security Portfolio suite. k470v allows for the usage of more than four CPUs. k470v is applied as a license.

CipherTrust Manager k470 and k570 Appliances (or simply k470 and k570) - refers specifically to the k470 and k570 physical appliances running the CipherTrust Manager Software.

SafeNet KeySecure Classic (or simply KeySecure Classic) - refers to the previous generation of SafeNet KeySecure Appliances (models k450 and k460). These appliances can be upgraded to the CipherTrust Manager Software.

Deployment environments

How the CipherTrust Manager is distributed and deployed is based on the environment. The supported environments are listed below along with the supported distribution method:

Public Cloud Images

Private Cloud Images

For network configuration on private cloud images, refer to Network Interface Configuration

Physical Appliances

CipherTrust models:

  • CipherTrust k470

  • CipherTrust k570

Refer to: Physical Deployment

SafeNet KeySecure (Classic) models:

  • SafeNet KeySecure k450

  • SafeNet KeySecure k460

Refer to: Migrating from KeySecure Classic

For network configuration on physical appliances, refer to Network Interface Configuration