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Getting Started

DDC Deployment


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DDC Deployment

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Thales CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification is powered by Groundlabs.

What's in This Guide

This guide provides information on deploying the Thales CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification (DDC) solution. The document describes the requirements that must be met before installing and configuring the DDC Agents on host machines. The document also provides list of compatible installers for different types of data stores. Finally, the document provides guidelines on enhancing the performance and security of the DDC solution. The DDC documentation does not include information that is already covered in the CipherTrust Manager documentation, available through the Product Documentation link on the CipherTrust Manager GUI login page.


The Thales CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification Deployment Guide contains the following sections:

  • Deployment Architecture: Contains a visual overview (a diagram) of a typical DDC deployment.

  • Requirements: Software and hardware Requirements for the DDC Server and Agents.

  • Post-install: How to configure DDC to use TDP for storing its data.

  • DDC Agents: Instructions to install, uninstall, and upgrade DDC Agents on Windows and Linux hosts.

  • Hardening Guideline: Provides guidelines to enhance the performance and security of your DDC deployment.