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Service Deployment


Service Deployment

Service Deployment

Explore various topics in this section to learn how as a CCC Application Owner, you can deploy services created for your organization.

Topic Description
Configuring Crypto Application Server Explains the process of configuring your crypto application server to be used with CCC.
Viewing and Initializing Services Discusses the steps involved in viewing the attributes of services that are available to be deployed and initializing a password-authenticated or PED-authenticated service.
Downloading CCC Client Contains information about downloading the CCC client in order to deploy a service.
Deploying a Service Touches upon how to run the CCC client to deploy a service.
Redeploying a Service Outlines the process of revoking access to a service so that it can be re-deployed in the organization.
Deleting a Service Describes the process of deleting a service and returning the resources to CCC.