network interface slaac

Configure a network interface to obtain an IPv6 address using the Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) protocol.

Most IPv6-enabled routers have the ability to periodically broadcast router advertisements (RA) messages to all devices on the network. These RA messages include a list of one of more IPv6 prefixes that any device on the local network can use to automatically form a unique IPv6 address. IPv6 client devices, such as the Luna Network HSM 7, listen for these local RA’s. When you issue this command, the Luna Network HSM 7 claims one of the advertised prefixes and uses it to automatically configure an IPv6 address that uniquely identifies the device on the network.

You must issue this command on each network interface that will be connected using a SLAAC IPv6 configuration.

NOTE   The network interface you want to configure must be connected to the network and have access to the local router used to provide the IPv6 prefixes.

You cannot configure an interface that is a member of an active bond. You must first disable the bond. See network interface bonding.

NOTE   Running this command changes the interface state and causes the ctc service to restart (see Crypto Traffic Controller for QoS).

User Privileges

Users with the following privileges can perform this command:




network interface slaac -device <netdevice> [-force]

Argument(s) Shortcut Description
-device <netdevice> -d

Specifies the network device you want to configure.

Valid values: eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3

-force -f Force the action without prompting.


lunash:>network interface slaac -device eth1

NOTICE: The network connection for device eth1 will be restarted for new network settings to take effect.
If you are sure that you wish to restart the device connection, then type 'proceed', otherwise type 'quit'

> proceed

Command Result : 0 (Success)

lunash:>network show

   Hostname         : sa7pw
   Name Server(s)   :
   Search Domain(s) : <not set>

Interface settings and status

   HW Address (eth1)    : 00:15:B2:A9:B7:85
   IP Address (eth1)    : 2001:db3:8ba3::8a5e:3f0:7384/64
   Mask (eth1)          : 2001:db3:8ba3:::/64
   Gateway (eth1)       : 2001:db3:a348::6b3a:24:7336
   DNS (eth1)           :
   DNS Search (eth1)    :
   IP Protocol (eth1)   : IPv6
   Protocol (eth1)      : SLAAC
   Auto Connect (eth1)  : Yes
   Activated (eth1)     : Yes
   Link detected (eth1) : Yes