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Name Type Description Notes
id UUID A unique UUID associated with this tile and which can vary from an environment to another (e.g. EU vs NA). [default to null]
name String The UI displayed name of this tile. Typically this will be the name of the Service Type it represents. [default to null]
description String A text description of the type of Service that can be created with this tile. [default to null]
shortCode String A tile can be identified by its ID or by this user friendly short text. This short code can be used while calling the DPoD platform to perform operations on the tile such as Service provisioning. Note if the tile's ID is provided, it will have priority on the shortcode. Example of values for the pre-existing services: * key_vault - Key Vault / Luna Cloud HSM * pki_private_key_protection - PKI Private Key Protection * digital_signing - Digital Signing * oracle_tde_database - Oracle TDE Database * salesforce_key_broker - Salesforce Key Broker * hyperledger - Hyperledger A short code is not limited to this list, any new tiles created later on can have another simple and unique tile identifier. [default to null]
enabled Boolean If a tile is enabled, a user can create a Service with it, or a Tenant Administrator can enable/disable the tile for their subtenants. [default to false]
locked Boolean Lock the current state of a tile. If a tile is locked the state cannot be modified by an administrator. Only Thales can lock or unlock a tile. [optional] [default to false]
serviceBrokerUrl URI The URL of the Service Broker managing the targeted Service defined in 'serviceBrokerServiceName'. Empty if the tile does not use a Service Broker and use pre existing DPOD services. This field is required when the serviceBrokerServiceName is defined. [optional] [default to null]
serviceBrokerServiceName String A CLI-friendly name of the targeted Service inside the Service Broker's catalog. MUST only contain alphanumeric characters, periods, and hyphens (no spaces). MUST be unique. This value is present only for tiles linked to a Service Broker. This field is required when the serviceBrokerUrl is defined. [optional] [default to null]
serviceBrokerAuthScheme String Possible values are:
[optional] [default to null]
helpUrl URI The URL of the online help documentation. [optional] [default to null]
categoryName String The tile category. [default to null]
redirectionUrl URI The base URL of the 3rd party partner for partner services. [optional] [default to null]
imageUrl URI The URL of the tile logo. [optional] [default to null]

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