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CipherTrust Manager Administration

Data Protection


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Data Protection

The CipherTrust Manager Data Protection feature lets you create data encryption profiles and policies that can be used to standardize your encryption policies across several Thales products. This feature ensures consistency and centralizes control over the types of encryption being used.

Data Protection currently supports:

  • Protection Profiles that let you specify the encryption information for a specific input column in a BDT (Batch Data Policy) policy. Future releases will support Protection Profiles for other Thales products, such as the CipherTrust Tokenization Server. For details about creating Protection Policies, refer to Protection Profiles.

  • BDT Policies that work with the Batch Data Transformation (BDT) utility. BDT policies contain all the information BDT needs to transform and rekey data, and the policies you define in CipherTrust Manager can replace the locally-stored bdt.config file. For details, refer to BDT Policies.

BDT policies are supported BDT 2.3 onward.